become a leader in

the workplace.

English as a Second Language (6 Hours)

Come practice English in this conversational course designed to expand your vocabulary and discuss current events.


Location:  TBD

Dates: TBD

1 Day | 6 Weeks


Time Management for Your Personal Best (6 Hours)

Learn to increase the efficiency and quality of your work through better organization, planning and prioritizing each day’s activities in a more effective, productive manner. Instructor will share the essential skills necessary to maintain quality work and keep you on track while juggling and prioritizing deadlines.



Introductory Spanish (6 Hours)

This interactive course is designed to provide a basic knowledge of Spanish words and phrases to understand and communicate with a variety of public audiences (customers, students, co-workers). Expand your Spanish language skills through conversation and listening, discuss the basic pronunciation of vowels and consonants, learn vocabulary, sentence structure and how to ask/answer basic questions. Develop an awareness of Spanish culture and customs that impact overall communication. This course is designed for the student with no previous knowledge of Spanish.