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Basic Computer Keyboarding (6 Hours)

Can you type at least 35 words per minute? Do you really know how to use a computer? In today’s world, all employers expect their employees to possess basic technology skills. This introductory course will help develop your typing skills by starting with finger placement and providing an overview of how to type different letters, numbers, and symbols quickly, accurately, and without looking at a keyboard. This course will also continue to build upon the skills learned by providing an overview of command keys used in different computer software programs, such as Microsoft Office. You will learn how to create very basic documents, letters, and spreadsheets. Through this course, students become familiar with different keyboard and document functions while improving typing speed and accuracy.

Locations:  TBD


1 Day | 6 Weeks

$45 per person (free for Goodwill Employees)

MS Office Suite 2010 Bootcamp

The Boot Camp Series is for beginners and those looking to brush up on their computer skills. MS Word: Learn to create, format, customize, edit and control page layout. Insert tables and graphics, apply styles and use shortcut for quick professional documents. MS Excel: Create spreadsheets for home and business with basic formulas, charts and automatic features. MS PowerPoint: Learn to create slides with text and pictures, as well as other special techniques to make your presentations successful.


Locations:  Augusta & Macon Campuses

Starting Nov. 7 | 4-5 PM

1 Day | 6 Weeks

$45 per person (free for Goodwill Employees)